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Set of 17 bookbinding spacers

Set of 17 bookbinding spacers

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This comprehensive set of spacers will find many uses in your craft projects, not just in book binding. Made from 3mm acrylic, the T-pieces and straight spacers allow you to consistently lay out your card and paper to the correct dimensions. The book binding spacer tools include a  cutting guide, trapezoid and L/T-shaped and straight rulers. 

The set contains:

L Shape: about 251x100x3mm,1pc;

Trapezoid: about 60x150x3mm, inner diameter: 26x43mm,1pc;

L Shape: about 100x100x3mm,1pc;

T Shape1: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 7.5mm,1pc;

T Shape2: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 9.5mm,1pc;

T Shape3: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 19.5mm,1pc;

T Shape4: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 24mm,1pc;

T Shape5: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 11.5mm,1pc;

T Shape6: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 14.5mm,1pc;

T Shape7: about 251x60x3mm, pin: 4.5mm,1pc;

Rectangle1: about 251x24.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle2: about 251x19.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle3: about 251x14.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle4: about 251x11.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle5: about 251x9.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle6: about 251x7.5x3mm,1pc;

Rectangle7: about 251x4.5x3mm,1pc.

Each piece will have a thin plastic cover which will need to be removed.