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PVA adhesive 500g squeeze bottle

PVA adhesive 500g squeeze bottle

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This handy 500g squeeze bottle for general purpose PVA adhesive has a tapered tip and lid which allows great control for craft jobs.

The 80ml fine tip bottle is complementary, and can be filled from the larger bottle. Its fine tip is ideal for tipping in pages and making repairs to books, as well as for scrap booking and other crafts.

General purpose PVA adhesive finds many uses in the bindery or in crafts projects that do not require flexible joins. This PVA will be rigid when it dries, so it can't be used for the flexible areas of a book such as the spine or the book case. We use it for gluing endpapers to the boards as it's stronger than traditional paste. In cases where we glue the original paperback covers onto the new hardboards, we use PVA.


dries clear
water based
heat resistant
humidity resistant
medium-high viscosity
suitable for food contact

Available in this handy 500 g squeeze bottle, which is perfect for filling the fine tip 80 ml squeeze bottle. As shown in the photos, when filling the fine tip bottle it's best to squeeze it first, insert the tip of the 500ml bottle, and then release as it fills up.